16/11 – Palace Nova (Awards)

Saturday 16th November

Palace Nova Cinemas – Cinema Place, (Off Rundle Street)


SESSION THREE 2:30pm-4:00pm


But first……an inspiring story from a girl who has lived and continues to live in a situation that we couldn’t even imagine.  Many thanks to the BYkids organisation for providing the film to us and for doing such incredible work with young people, and giving them a voice.

Displaced Border

Displaced but not Defeated 28:35 (Colombia)

Maria Ceballos – BYkids Organisation

María Ceballos Paz, a 16-year-old girl, is one of the estimated four million Colombians driven from their homes by decades of civil war. Now living in the slums of Cali, she intimately brings us into her world. Through her lens and mentored by Hollywood television producer, Susan Hoenig, María puts a human face on the cost of civil war and the drug trade.


AWARDS – Prizes include Digital Cameras, Camera Equipment, T-Shirts, Vouchers, Movie Tickets and more…

William Joyner will be presented with his prize for designing the wonderful 2013 poster.

(age 5-13yo)

Best Animation – Junior Category

Best Documentary – Junior Category

Best Live Action – Junior Category

Overall Audience Award – Junior Category

(age 12-18yo)

Best Animation – Senior Category

Best Documentary – Senior Category

Best Live Action – Senior Category

Overall Audience Award -Senior Category

Best overall film for 2013

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