I am over 18yo.  Can I still enter a film?

You can submit a film to the festival and it will be considered it for screening, but it will not be in competition.  The AKFF wants to focus on films made by people 18yo and under.


I was under 18yo when I made a film, but now I am over 18yo.  Can I still enter a film?

Yes you can, we will take into consideration your age at the time of production.


If a student from our school enters a film, and it gets selected to screen, can the school attend the festival for free?

Our policy is that if you have a film being screened at the film festival you will be able to attend for free, but only the people involved in making the film.  If it was a whole class, then yes.  If it was just a small group, then only the group, not the whole class, year level and school.  We also feel that the charge for students and school groups is so minimal that schools won’t have a problem paying the regular ticket prices.


What are the prizes for the winning films?

We are securing a number of prizes for different categories.  These include cameras, camera equipment, subscriptions, gift vouchers, discount vouchers etc.  Each year the prizes will be bigger and better.


Who will be conducting the Q&A’s, the workshops, the seminars etc?

We will be releasing the names of the industry professionals when we release the program.  There will be Sound experts, SFX Make-Up experts, young film makers, International Animation experts and plenty more.


How do we book seats?

Once the program has been released and there will be an online booking form.  Alternatively, you can call 8276 6311 and book over the phone, or email us at info@akff.com.au with any booking enquiries.


Are the venues wheelchair friendly?

Yes, all cinemas and venues are accessible by wheelchair.


My film is longer than 10minutes.  Can I still enter?

You need to contact us directly to discuss your case.


Primary School aged kids and High School kids have different tastes and have different levels of classification that they can view.  How will we know which day to attend with a certain age group?

When the program is released, we will specifically design the festival with different age groups in mind.

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