12/11 – Adelaide Studios

Wednesday 12th November

Adelaide Studios, Glenside

Scroll down to see all three sessions. 1) Deaf Access Program with Auslan Interpreter 2) Primary School Program 3) High School Program

Session One – 10:00am-11:00am (Deaf Access Program) BOOKED OUT!

Super Sounds


Super Sounds 13:20 (Aust, SA)

Stephen de Villiers

In a quiet coastal town, a young superhero bumps into a quirky young girl.  When events come crashing to an unexpected head, he’s given the chance to act like a superhero, he’s always dreamed of being.


Ropes Border


Ropes 11:00 (Spain)

Pedro Solis Garcia

Maria’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child.



Proud 5:40 (Aust, SA)

Lucas Thornley – Klemzig Primary

The aim of this film is reinforce the message that Deaf students can be proud of their identity and achieve their goals, whether it be a specific career or a milestone.




Any Witch Way  1:00 (Canada)

Sabrina Denault

This is the story of a blind witch named Arsénie. She is concocting a magic potion with the help of her loyal companion Sulfurin,  a small creature from the woods.


Never Seen Never Heard


Never Seen, Never Heard 4:00 (Italy)

Emanuele Daga

Giulio is a deaf dumb guy who likes spending his time in the parks observing people. One day something different happens.



Hat Theory


Hat Theory 3:45 (Russia)

Asya Strelbitskaya

It is the story of confrontation between society and a man in a hat, who keeps wearing it no matter what.


Zebra Border


Zebra 2:45 (Germany)

Julia Ocker

A Zebra who, through no fault of his own, changes his stripes….



Matilde border copy


Matilde 10:00 (Italy)

Vito Palmieri  

Everyday after school, Matilde collects old tennis balls.  What is she planning on doing with them?



SFX Make Up Demonstrations in the Courtyard


Session Two – 11:30am-1:00pm (Primary School) BOOKED OUT!

The Rubbish Club


The Rubbish Club 3:40 (Aust, SA)

Year 2/3 – St. Anthony’s

Don’t drop your rubbish on the ground, It’s not funny!



Kids in Space


Kids in Space 3:00 (Aust, SA)

Year 6/7 – Goodwood Primary

Three kids are back from Space and at a press conference.





The Story of Spet 4:00 (Italy)

Ugo Mergia

The Carepets adopt a puppy from the kennels. Most of the family is unprepared for this event, but the youngest daughter, Lisa, has learnt PetCare at school and takes the situation in hand.


Epic Services


Epic Services 2:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

Epic Services is a company which offers great deals for their clients. Check out their TVC.



Paper Planes


Paper Plane Championships 3:40 (Aust, SA)

Year 3/4 – Flaxmill Primary

When a class decides to compete in the Paper Plane Championships do the teams play fair?


Sabotage of the School Bell


Sabotage of the School Bell 3:00 (Aust, SA)

Year 6/7 – Flaxmill Primary

A nasty Principal and a new girl decide to wreak havoc on the school but the students eventually find out.


When Fish Fly


When Fish Fly 9:00 (Canada)

Lisa Rose Snow

In this dialogue-exploration of grief, 9 year old Elsie goes on an unusual mission of love to reunite her departed pet fish with her mother in heaven.




Scimitar Horned Oryx 0:45 (Aust, SA)

Hannah Wilkinson – Goodwood Primary

This film is about the promotion to protect the Scimitar Horned Oryx.





Roar 7:00 (Aust, VIC)

Catriona Warren

A young girl, annoyed because her siblings ignore her, sets out to prove that age is no barrier to succeeding where others fail.




Lami  2:20 (Japan)

Christophe Defaye

LA is a little blue musical note. He is always singing alone on the line. One day he meets a little girl, Mi, crying, and discovers friendship. He finds out that singing together with friends becomes melody.


Q&A Session with Young Actor who has recently landed a role in a USA produced Film shooting next year.

SFX Makeup demonstrations in the Courtyard.

Session Three – 1:15pm-2:45pm (High School) Book Now

New Media Awards


Five films from various South Australian Secondary schools will screen who were involved with the New Media Awards Program for 2014.

Department of Education and Childhood Development



Brooke Bell


Breaking Free 4:30 (Aust, SA)

Brooke Bowering – Unley High School

A girl is bullied at school and she finds solace in dancing.



When the Needle Drops


When the Needle Drops 5:40 (Aust, SA)

James Haskgard – Concordia College

In ‘When The Needle Drops’ the topic of vinyl records and their existence in this new digital world of music is explored through the views and opinions of various record store owners/collectors and ARIA Award winning producer Andrew Burford.


The truth hurts


The Truth Hurts 8:00 (Aust, SA)

Niamh Murphy-O’Neil – Marryatville

Brittany bullies Abigail to the point of depression, but with the help of Brittany’s friend Keira and Abigail’s friend Danielle, the situation is resolved.


Act your age BorderAct Your Age 4:45 (Aust, SA)

Isaac Thiele-Swift

A simple game of Monopoly explodes into a duel in the park when two parents are unable to act their age . . .



Why I ride


Why I Ride 5:14 (Aust, SA)

Tom Scott

“Why i RIDE” is a short documentary I made by myself for my year 12 Media Studies assignment. my aim for this doco is to show the viewer what is going on inside the riders and what simply makes them want to RIDE.


Q&A Session with Remy Brand – Lead Actor from Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures recently returned from LA.

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