13/11 – Adelaide Studios

Thursday 13th November

Adelaide Studios, Glenside

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Miniambra 2:05 (Aust, SA)

Ana María Méndez Salgado

Miniambra is a whimsical, jester-like girl who hatches from an abandoned egg in an alienating world of fantastic creatures, triggering a quest for identity and belonging.


The Chase


The Chase 2:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

A cop Chase in Stop Motion…..



Over the fence


Over the Fence 3:30 (Aust, SA)

Year 5 – Pembroke

A grumpy old lady lives near the school and never throws the kids’ balls back when they land in her yard.  She plans an awful case of revenge to stop the kids now and forever but does she succeed?


The Sunshine egg


The Sunshine Egg 5:00 (Germany)

Michael Haas

About a battery hen named Lotte. She vainly struggles to fulfill her duty and doesn’t accomplish what is required.


The Mystery of teh Worm


The Mystery of the Worm 2:00 (Spain)

Maria Pla

A bunch of people, animals and sweets are willing to spend their holidays in America. But during the trip, a mystery awaits them.


Only Gilt


Only Gilt 10:00 (Aust, NSW)

Lara Del Arte

11 year old Gary is in love with Kim, the girl next door. After he discovers he’s caused the death of her beloved pet budgie, he tries desperately to cover up his mistake or forever wear a birdcage on his head.




Gyuto Monks 5:00 (Aust, SA)

Year 6/7 – Flaxmill Primary

Every Year the Gyutu Monks visit South Australia and work with the Flaxmill Primary Students.




Roar 6:40 (Aust, VIC)

Catriona Warren

A young girl, annoyed because her siblings ignore her, sets out to prove that age is no barrier to succeeding where others fail.


The Wizard of Go


The Wizard of GO 5:45 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

A group of boys are transported into a world of Lego.



D for School


D for School 5:40 (Aust, SA)

Year 3/4 – Flaxmill Primary

Students are on a mission to find their missing teacher, who has been kidnapped and dressed in a tutu!


Hat Theory


Hat Theory 3;45 (Russia)

Asya Strelbitskaya

It is the story of confrontation between society and a man in a hat, who keeps wearing it no matter what.


SFX Make up displays in the courtyard


Session Two – 11:30am-1:00pm BOOKED OUT!!!

Fame and Fortune


Fame and Fortune 3:30 (Aust, SA)

Year 5 – Pembroke

When a kid wins the world national spelling bee comp, he is given an endless supply of money.


Food Doco


$20 Worth of Food 5:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

If you were given $20 to feed your self for the day, what would you buy?





The Great Escape of Sushi 2:00 (Japan)

Tanu Kids

What happens when a piece of Sushi escapes the restaurant and makes its way back to the sea?


El Dictado


El Dictado 5:00 (Mexico)

Christophe Muller

Fifth graders have become zombies. Chava and Poncho, not taking dictation, did not transform and attempt to escape from their colleagues. A lesson they will never forget.




The Tale of Fishman 7:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

A food critique turns into a fish after eating contaminated sushi.  This is his story.



Laughing Laptop


The Laughing Laptop 3:30 (Aust, SA)

Year 6/7 – Flaxmill Primary

No-One believes Garth when he tells them his laptop talks to him.



Never Seen Never Heard


Never Seen, Never Heard 4:00 (Italy)

Emanuele Daga

Giulio is a deaf dumb guy who likes spending his time in the parks observing people. One day something different happens.


Fresh Air


Fresh Air 3:30 (Aust, SA)

Mika Ogai

A Hollywood obsessed boy gets a life lesson on the reality of love



Super Sounds


Super Sounds 13:20 (Aust, SA)

Stephen de Villiers

In a quiet coastal town, a young superhero bumps into a quirky young girl. When events come crashing to an unexpected head, he’s given the chance to act like a superhero, he’s always dreamed of being.


Q&A with the director of Super Sounds 25:00

Introducing young actors from the internationally acclaimed film Super Sounds – Mieka and Charlie.

SFX Make-Up demonstrations in the courtyard 


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Paper Planes


Paper Plane Championships 3:40 (Aust, SA)

Year 3/4 – Flaxmill Primary

When a class decides to compete in the Paper Plane Championships do the teams play fair?


YAY Water


YAY Water TVC 2:00(Aust, SA)

Year 5 – Pembroke

There is a new water on the market and it is a lot better than “Gross Dead Fly Water”



This time for our children


This Time for Our Children 4:00 (India)

Nikhil Parihar

This Time, for our Children, is a music video which depicts the voice of children of India, as to what they want and what they deserve.


The Chase


The Chase 2:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

A cop Chase in Stop Motion…..



West Child Story Border


West Child Story 3:00 (Spain)

Berta Coller

A love story like Romeo and Juliet like, American Tony and Maria from Puerto Rico seen through the eyes of children who fall in love despite the race and physical problems




The Shell 7:00 (Israel)

Maya Tiberman

A boy finds a shell in the sand. In his hands, the shell magically turns the quiet beach and its surrounding urban landscape into an infinite, colourful and vibrant playground.


Nosy The curios Booger


Nosy the Curious Booger 4:10 (Aust, SA)

Hannah Sitters

A quirky adventure of Nosy, an adorable yet curious booger, whose world is thrown upside down when a young boy blows him out of his nose.


Home on a Saturday Night


Home on a Saturday Night 3:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

Music Video to the track “Home on a Saturday Night” by local band Union 42



Super plunf


Super Plunf 8:30 (Brazil)

Henrique Luiz Pereira Oliveira

The main character is a boy who only eats instantaneous food, until his interest for sounds leads him to know other eating practices.


Zebra Border


Zebra 2:45 (Germany)

Julia Ocker

A Zebra who, through no fault of his own, changes his stripes….



SFX Make-Up demonstrations in the courtyard.

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