14/11 – AC Arts

Friday 14th November

Adelaide College of the Arts, Light Square

Two Sessions – Scroll down to see both sessions.

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Rules Were Made


Rules Were Made 8:00 (Aust, SA)

Ingrid Coram – Adelaide High School

Jade Cartwright and Emily Smith are the best of friends; but they’re complete opposites. Jade’s rule breaking has long been an argument between them…but fate is about to settle it.


Look Up


Look Up 1:40 (Aust, SA)

Victoria, Chandra, Eve – Wilderness School

This film is based on encouraging everyone to enjoy their lives, being young and free, through playing outdoors with their friends and not by being obsessed with social media and technology




Any Witch Way 1:00 (Canada)

Sabrina Denault

This is the story of a blind witch named Arsénie. She is concocting a magic potion with the help of her loyal companion Sulfurin, a small creature from the woods.


Why I ride


Why I Ride 5:14 (Aust, SA)

Tom Scott – Cabra College

The aim for this doco is to show the viewer what is going on inside the riders mind and what simply makes them want to RIDE.





The Bite 6:00 (Aust, SA)

Kids Camera Action

A girl is fascinated by her neighbours so decides to infiltrate their group.


The Old Tree


The Old Tree 10:45 (Iran)

Farnoosh Abedi

An old man is living with his son in a modest wooden house on dry and barren land. His son wants to sell the land and the house, but the old man refuses to leave his interests behind.


This time for our children


This Time for Our Children 4:00 (India)

Nikhil Parihar

This Time, for our Children, is a music video which depicts the voice of children of India, as to what they want and what they deserve.


Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill 3:30 (Aust, SA)

Olivia Hosking, Thomas Keillor – Pembroke School

When Jill is given a choice to take a pill at a party, she sees her life and what could become.


Clarence's Last Note


Clarence’s Last Note 3:05 (Aust, SA)

Port Lincoln Regional AKFF 2014

Clarence is part of a choir.  He has an interesting voice……



Harry Potter vs Star Wars


Harry Potter vs Star Wars 3:08 (Aust, SA)

Danny and Michael Philippou

Can Harry Potter beat Star Wars in levels of Special Effects?



Q&A session with the You Tube Sensations Danny and Michael Philippou

With special guest, Remy Brand (Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures)

In 11 months RackaRacka has gained 50 million views to their channel. They are currently the most subscribed channel and most followed Facebook profile in South Australia.

Optional tour of the Video Production Facilities in the Building


Session Two 12:30pm-2:00pm (High School) Book Now

Not Thier Boots


Not their Boots 4:30 (Aust, WA)

Jordan Prince Wright – Swan Christian College

“Not Their Boots” is a story about the dedication of those to serve their home country.  Set in the war in the 1940’s.


We are Young We are free


We are Young, We are Free 7:00 (Aust, SA)

Lauren Demasi – Concordia College

Three girls are treated harshly by their boss and they’re not doing what they love. Tabitha thinks back to a time at the beach when they were younger and freer. They decide to quit their jobs to find and do something that they love.


The Victim's Revenge


The Victim’s Revenge 2:05 (Aust, SA)

CJ Villanueva, Alex Troiani, Joey Hannoch – Blackfriars College

The Victim’s of the School Bully, finally get their revenge.



Hat Theory


Hat Theory 3:55 (Russia)

Asya Strelbitskaya

It is the story of confrontation between society and a man in a hat, who keeps wearing it no matter what.




Faeries from Under the Bed 7:00 (Aust, SA)

Mirelle Gallagher – Wilderness School

Cordelia sees creatures under her bed.  One day she decides to look where they come from and gets transported to the Faery world. Cordelia then meets a Faery named Zora but they get captured by “forest elves”.

Penelope's Penguin


Penelope’s Penguin 7:00 (Aust, VIC)

Oliver Levi-Malouf

In a world where growing up marks the arrival of your own animal doppelganger, Penelope is a late bloomer. But even though she waits anxiously for an animal to come, will she be content when it finally arrives?


L'ile Noire


L’ile Noire – The Black Island 6:40 (Switzerland)

Nino Christen

On an island, at the edge of the woods, a watchman and his bird live a miserable life. One day an opportunity arises to escape the boredom. But great danger lurks behind it.


The Dive


The Dive 9:50 (France)

Delphine Le Courtois

Thirteen years old, on the edge of adulthood, a boy on a diving board faces the unknown.





Out of the Box 6:00 (UK)

Ollie Inglis

An adventure film dealing with the repression of creativity whilst growing up. A hilarious fisherman is transported through a whirlpool into the paths of an angry cowboy – who wants revenge.




Film from the Giffoni Experience 2:00 (Aust, SA0

Jeff Moriarty – St Peter’s College

Sam, Jeff and Sharnie were AKFF Ambassadors for the Giffoni Film Festival in July in Italy.



Q&A session with Jeff Moriarty and Sharnie DuBois 20:00

These two lucky teenagers will tell the audience how they got to become AKFF Ambassadors and travel to Italy to the World’s largest film festival for kids.

Optional tour of the Video Production facilities in the building.

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