15/11 – AC Arts (Secondary)

Friday November 15th

Adelaide College of the Arts – Light Square Adelaide




SESSION ONE 10:00am-12:00noon (Sold Out!) but keep scrolling for Session Two

Younger Years Border


Younger Years 5:02 (Aust, SA)

Chelsea Brady *Concordia College

Chelsea asks adults what they would tell their teenage selves if they had a chance to go back in time…


Copz Border


COPZ 5:00 (Aust, SA)

Tara Amoroso, Sam Dawson, Dana Lightbody, Madison Paynter, Will Bishop, Jeff Moriarty

Can cops really be this stupid?


Maple Syrup Border


Maple Syrup 1:00 (Canada)

Yoshiono Aoki * Adult Filmmaker

A girl traveled from Canada opens her suitcase at home and finds something unexpected…


Not a Sound Border


Not a Sound 7:00 (Aust, SA)

Gere Fuss – Cabra College

This film illustrates the hardship that one faces when a loved one is ill, is passing, or has passed.


The Yellow Beetle Border


The Yellow Beetle 5:38 (South Africa)

Retief Williams

Two friends, one of which is a bit of a bumbler, try to go on vacation. We used our grandpa’s beetle.


Best Man for the Part Border


Best Man for the Part 5:48 (Aust, SA)

Ty Langford – Pembroke School

This classically trained actor believes he is right for every part, but the theatre company has other ideas.


Wild Adventures Border


The Wild Adventure of  Obby and Blockhead Sam 1:32 (Aust, SA)

Eddie Cooper – St. Peter’s College

Clever clay animation about a horse and his master.



Wired Border


Wired 8:48 (Ireland)

Kevin O’Regan *Adult Filmmaker

A musical comedy of a young working woman’s increasingly surreal adventures as she tries to find an important file that has gone missing on her computer and the bizarre characters from Technical Support who guide her.


Lego Dino Attack Border


Lego Dino Attack 2:46 (United Kingdom)

Jacob Crow – United Kingdom

A simple scientific experiment has turned into a deadly worldwide catastrophe.



Notes Border


Notes 6:25 (Aust, SA)

Emily Marriott – Pembroke School

What do these notes mean that our student keeps receiving?  Are they a help or a hindrance?



Morpheus Border


Morpheus 8:00 (Aust, VIC)

Sam Zagame – Scotch College (Melbourne)

Ridley begins having horrible nightmares, but when he starts searching for the truth, his deepest paranoia surfaces.



Fairy Dust Border


Fairy Dust 5:08 (United Kingdom)

Lydia McDowell – Down High School (UK)

A young girl finds herself in peril in a fairytale land.



David's Tour Border

David’s Tour 11:00 (Italy)

Nicola Sersale *Adult Filmmaker

David, a city tour guide, leads his faithful tourists into a bizarre and surreal excursion through Rome and its famous landmarks that have witnessed the reasons for his broken heart.



Monstruoso copy


Un Errore Monstruoso 1:00 (Italy)

Domenico Belilacqua – Liceo V.Veecchi di Trani

The monster made from aluminium cans….



Sam Fox Border


Sneak peek of the up coming Channel 10 series that was filmed on location in Adelaide.  Actors from the “Extreme Adventures of Sam Fox” to give a Q&A.  




AC Arts Border



Tours of AC Arts Video Production facilities.




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SESSION TWO 1:30pm-3:15pm

Revolution of Art 2 Border


Revolution of Art 6:52 (Aust, SA)

Tara Amoroso, Sam Dalton – KCA Advanced

These young kids live in a time where art is banned and you are imprisoned if you display any creativity.



Animated Potraits Border


Animated Portraits 4:40 (United Kingdom)

Nairn Academy – United Kingdom

Students bring portraits from recognised artists,  to life using all types of stop motion animation.



Suicide and Prevention Border


Suicide Awareness and Prevention 5:00 (Aust, SA)

Lauren Demasi – Concordia College

Emily who loses her mother due to a car crash. She has no one else to go to and she does not want to be taken to a foster family for the rest of her life. She turns to suicide as her solution.


Before the Dawn Border


Before the Dawn 3:00 (Aust, SA)

Kieran Davidson – Pembroke School

This film is about 2 Federal agents that are out to catch a killer and they have to catch him before 9pm EST.


Wave of Courage Border


A Wave of Courage 5:26 (Aust, SA)

Sebastian Garcia & Felipe Hernandez *Adult Filmmakers

Jude is nothing like a regular 10 years old kid; life has made him face a tough challenge; one he assumes with courage and determination. That which makes him unique and admirable is the fact that despite the troubles he would never give up his hope.


The Chase Border


The Chase 1:23 (Aust, SA)

Jonathan Kreig – Concordia College

A fast paced film which makes you wonder what they are running from?



Ghosts border copy


Ghosts 7:34 (Aust, QLD)

Briana Goodchild – Queensland

Ghosts is an Australian drama with an element of magic-realism that follows William, a man haunted by his painful past of childhood abuse and torment.


Sign Up Border


Sign Up 3:59 (Aust, SA)

Ella Kroning – Concordia College

Fitting in isn’t easy, until you find something that you really enjoy….



Becoming a Ballerina Border


Becoming a Ballerina 6:00 (Aust, SA)

Jaime Ford – Concordia College

This documents the life and work of a local Ballet Teacher who danced all over the world.



Baby Cakes Border


Babycakes 1:46 (United Kingdom)

Joe Blandamer  – United Kingdom

A naughty baby gets her older brother into trouble over a rather tasty cake!



The Siege Border


The Siege 7:00 (Canada)

Olivier Labonte-Lamoyne *Adult Filmmaker

Antoine is hiding after hours inside his high school.  Maxime is waiting outside with harmful intentions.



AC Arts Border


Tour of the Video Production facilities at the Adelaide College of the Arts and Q&A with filmmakers’ from Wolf Creek 2 and “Snowtown”




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