17/11-Hindmarsh Square (FREE)

Sunday 17th November

Hindmarsh Square (North West Corner)



Join us for the first ever Kids Film Festival to be held outdoors in Adelaide.  Come for 20minutes, or stay for the afternoon.  Bring a rug and enjoy the “Best of the Fest” package – 14 films screened twice in an afternoon!

SESSION ONE @ 3:00pm

SESSION TWO @ 4:30pm

Copz Border


COPZ 6:00 (Aust, SA)

Tara Amoroso, Sam Dawson, Dana Lightbody, Madison Paynter, Will Bishop, Jeff Moriarty

Can cops really be this stupid?



FOF Border


Fear of Flying 9:00 (Ireland)

Conor Finnegan *Adult Filmmaker

A small bird with a fear of flying tries avoiding heading south for the winter



Trick or Treat Border


Trick or Treat 1:00 (Wales)

Neal Russel – Wales High School

Robyn heads out on Halloween to go trick or treating and is told by his mum not to go to the scary house at the end of the road. But does he listen?


Methyr Views Border


Methyr Views 4:45 (Wales)

Winding Snake Productions

An animated short that uses contemporary Welsh art to comment on how young people are perceived particularly by the press.



Lunch Lady Border


The Lunch Lady 6:19 (Aust, SA)

Tara Amoroso – KCA

Can the Lunch Lady serve up gruel and continue to get away with it?



The Santa Lie Border


The Santa Lie 5:00 (United Kingdom)

Darren Langlands *Adult Filmmaker

Seven-year-old Amy confronts her parents on the truth about Santa early one Christmas morning



Best Man for the Part Border


Right man for the Part 5:48 (Aust, SA)

Ty Langford – Pembroke School

This classically trained actor believes he is right for every part, but the theatre company has other ideas



Younger Years Border


Younger Years 5:08 (Aust, SA)

Chelsea Brady – Concordia College

Chelsea asks adults what they would tell their teenage selves if they had a chance to go back in time…



The Yellow Beetle Border


The Yellow Beetle 5:38 (South Africa)

Retief Williams

Two friends, one of which is a bit of a bumbler, try to go on vacation. We used our grandpa’s beetle



Live Feed of the festival on the big screen and chat to the Audience..


Matilde border copy


Matilde 10:00 (Italy)

Vito Palmieri  *Adult Filmmaker

Everyday after school, Matilde collects old tennis balls.  What is she planning on doing with them?



Love Battlefield Border


Love on a Battlefield 2:07 (Australia, SA)

Yr5 – Pembroke

Love shows up in the strangest places!



Hunt for Glorious Muffins Border


Hunt for the Glorious Muffins 8:00 (Malta)

Patrick Vella *Adult Filmmaker

4 fantastic friends are ready to embark onto an adventurous journey to put their hands… or paws, on some glorious delicious muffins…


Shame and Glasses Border


Shame and Glasses 7:10 (Italy)

Alessandro Riconda

What is so embarrassing about wearing glasses?  What if the girl you really like, laughs at you?

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