19/11 – Port Lincoln

Wednesday 19th November 

Youthoria Cinema, Port Lincoln

Session One – 12:00pm-1:00pm (Primary School) Book Now

New Media Awards


Five films from various Eyre Penisula schools will screen who were involved with the New Media Awards Program for 2014.

Department of Education and Childhood Development



The Mystery of teh Worm


The Mystery of the Worm 2:00 (Spain)

Maria Pla

A bunch of people, animals and sweets are willing to spend their holidays in America. But during the trip, a mystery awaits them.


Fame and Fortune


Fame and Fortune 3:30 (Aust, SA)

Year 5 – Pembroke

When a kid wins the world national spelling bee comp, he is given an endless supply of money.


El Dictado


El Dictado 5:00 (Mexico)

Christophe Muller

Fifth graders have become zombies. Chava and Poncho, not taking dictation, did not transform and attempt to escape from their colleagues. A lesson they will never forget.


Only Gilt


Only Gilt 10:00 (Aust, NSW)

Lara Del Arte

11 year old Gary is in love with Kim, the girl next door. After he discovers he’s caused the death of her beloved pet budgie, he tries desperately to cover up his mistake or forever wear a birdcage on his head.




Miniambra 2:05 (Aust, SA)

Ana María Méndez Salgado

Miniambra is a whimsical, jester-like girl who hatches from an abandoned egg in an alienating world of fantastic creatures, triggering a quest for identity and belonging.


When Fish Fly


When Fish Fly 9:00 (Canada)

Lisa Rose Snow

In this dialogue-exploration of grief, 9 year old Elsie goes on an unusual mission of love to reunite her departed pet fish with her mother in heaven.


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