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The Regional program for Renmark, Mount Gambier, Whyalla and Port Lincoln is here.  A total of nine films produced as part of the regional workshops are being screened amongst some of the best films from the Adelaide program.

Screening starts at 7:30pm

The Box Border


The Box 4:58 Renmark SA

How a stupid gardening find changes absolutely everything in three simple guys’ lives.




Alex Bob Border


Alex, Bob and his Evil Dog – 4:52 Port Lincoln SA

Is this dog as evil as they all say he is?




FOF Border


Fear of Flying – 9:00 Connor Finegan Ireland

A small bird with a fear of flying tries avoiding heading south for the winter.




Ghost town Border


Ghost Town – 3:50 Renmark SA

A little girl has lost her family.  In fact there doesn’t seem to be anyone anymore in this Ghost Town.



Billy the Bully border


Billy the Bully – 4:02 Mount Gambier

Billy seems to be upsetting absolutely everyone.  Will he ever learn his lesson?




Lunch Lady Border


The Lunch Lady – 6:19 Kids Camera Action SA

Can the Lunch Lady serve up gruel and continue to get away with it?

Watch this space……



Stranded Border


Stranded – 3:26 Mount Gambier SA

After a plane crash three friends are stranded on a lonely island.  If only their hunger wasn’t so bad….




Our amazing Movie Border


Our Amazing MoviePort Lincoln SA

What happens when you ask a group of kids; What kind of movie would they make?




Maple Syrup Border


Maple Syrup – 1:00 Yoshino Aoki Canada

A girl traveled from Canada opens her suitcase at home and finds something unexpected.




Vaultman Border


Vaultman – 5:11 Whyalla SA

When savages stumble across Vaultman, how can this sensitive superhero escape?




Brains Border


Brains – 2:05 Renmark SA

These Zombies just don’t fit in and it seems unfair.




Not a Sound Border


Not a Sound – 7:00 Gere Fuss SA WINNER OF BEST OVERALL FILM AT THE 2013 AKFF

This Film illustrates the hardship that one faces when a loved one is ill, is passing or has passed.




The Lost Key Border


The Lost Key – 4:15 Port Lincoln SA

On a lonely back street a young man finds a lost antique key curiously inscribed with the letters “EW”. He’ll soon find out what the initials mean but will he regret unlocking the mystery?



Goose Travels Border


Goose Trouble – 3:30 Monika Dovnar (Germany/Poland)

Carefree little goose Gustav is trying to find his way through the dark forest, ignoring the danger of the malicious wolf




Shame and Glasses Border


Shame and Glasses – 7:00 Alessandro Riconda Italy

What is so embarrassing about wearing glasses?  What if the girl you really like, laughs at you?





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