Information for Young Film Makers

There are a number of ways young film makers can get involved with the 2015 Adelaide Kids Film Festival.












Design the 2015 AKFF Poster – See competition details here.

Make a film – Animation, Documentary, Live-Action and submit by the deadline.

If you would like to make a film but don’t know where to start, ask your friends if they would like to help.  Ask an adult what you should do to get started.  A film starts with a great idea, which most kids have, so try to write the idea down and see how you can visually tell that story.  If you don’t have the “great’ idea, but your friend does, you may have the technical ability to film it.  Grab a camera, any camera, they are everywhere these days.

Or, ask your teacher if you can do an individual film project for one of your classes.  There is plenty of help out there.  There are community groups that do film classes for kids, and there is an abundance of help on the internet.

Attend the Festival – Choose a day that you may be interested in. Participate in viewing the films, get involved in the Q&A’s and workshops on offer.


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