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Tuesday 27th October

Port Lincoln – Youthoria Cinema

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Session One (Primary School)- 10:00am-11:30am BOOK HERE

Sky High runtime: 2’00” (UK)

Stewart Powers

The story follows a young girl, passionate about football, and a shopkeeper living in remote village in the desert of Eritrea, on the east coast of Africa. It’s a film about harsh reality, dreams and the blurred line between the two seen thru the eyes of a 6 year old.


The Camping Trip runtime: 4’00” (SA, Australia)

AKFF Regional Workhops – Port Lincoln

A group of kids go camping, but things keep going wrong.  Is someone playing tricks on them?



The Lost Children runtime: 2’00” (SA, Australia)

Kids Camera Action (Port Lincoln)

How does an obsession with apples help solve the mystery of two unlikely friends who go missing?



Fridge Princess runtime: 2’39” (Czech Republic)

Michelle Oh, Tale Do, Ruby Xia, Mauricio Castano, Airin Budiman & Ruby Poon

Recognition can be subjective. For a mere crayon doodle, securing a place as a fridge-worthy artwork could be the only way to survive! This light-hearted film tells a story of faith and acceptance.


The Lollipop Thief runtime: 5’45” (USA)

Bruna Matsin

When a town of joyful kids gets disturbed by a surreal-looking candy thief, a team of determined twin sisters decide to creatively pull forces with friends to stop him for good.



The Great Adventures Of Manel And The Magic Toothpicks  runtime: 13′ 40″ (Spain)

Xavier Pijuan

Manel, a spoiled kid, received a miserable toothpick box for his birthday instead of his expected PS4. However, this apparently stupid present will end up being the best present he has ever received.


My Place runtime: 1′ 03″ (SA, Australia)

Will Hobbs – Warooka Primary School

Living on the Yorke Peninsula is a spectacular place to be.




Warriors runtime: 7‘ 00″ (USA)

Savannah Biscoe, Jacob Polar, Justin Ng  & Jordan Ng

Adapted from Luis Alberto Urrea’s book Into the Beautiful North, Warriors follows a group of young adults from a small town in Mexico who set out to find more men to inhabit their town.



Dancing With Gene Kelly runtime: 4′ 58″ (NSW, Australia)

Katharine Rodgers

Six year old Eliza has a marvellous dream that one day she will dance with legendary film star Gene Kelly.



Force-Full Imagination runtime: 4′ 02″ (USA)

Jim Eimmerman

Michelle, an imaginative seven-year old, lies entangled in the schemes of her little brother while trying to save her toys and obey her mom!



Bedward Story runtime: 27′ 33″ (UK)

Lee Guilliland

A gang of thieves descend on the sleepy town of Bedward to steal all the children’s dreams. But one sweet dreamer remains at the top of a haunted house, each floor guarded by a playful creature from her dreams. What will be their fate?


Pirates runtime: 6′ 46″ (Canada)

Young Moviemakers

A mermaids treasure has been stolen, it will take teamwork to get it back!




Bunny New Girl runtime: 6′ 00″ (NSW, Australia)

Natalie Van Den Dungen

On her first day at a new school, a self conscious young girl learns that friendship can overcome difference.




Session Two ( Senior School) – 12:30pm-2:00pm BOOK HERE

Geraldine – The Queen Of Colour runtime: 3′ 17″ (SA, Australia)

Jared Palmer

Geraldine ‘Gebs’ Krieg is a multi-media artist from Port Lincoln South Australia. She works with paper mache, wool, silk painting and more. On most days you’ll find her out in her artist haven, a shed next to the house, that’s been converted into her studio. Full of colour, Geraldine’s work is bright, fun and makes you smile.


To Build A Fire runtime: 2’31” (USA)

Victoria Golovaha-Hicks

A young man is lost in the woods, is freezing, and only has three matches. Based on a Jack London story.



Number Fifteen runtime: 2’3″ (USA)

Victoria Golovaha-Hicks

Experimental film using an array of filmmaking techniques and imagery.




Running in Beauty

Running In Beauty runtime: 3’35” (Luxembourg)

Lukas Grevis

“Running in Beauty” is a visual interpretation of Byron`s poem “She walks in beauty”.




A New Start

A New Start runtime: 2’54” (UK)

Ollie Ley

Two young characters are not happy in there sketchbook and with no hope they decide to leave looking for something better. They end up finding each other and falling in love, they make a new sketchbook together for their future.


Crash Site

Crash Site runtime 13’00” (Canada)

Sonia Ballantyne

Crash Site tells the story of a displaced young girl, her overwhelmed older sister, and a superhero that brings them together.



The Classroom

The Classroom runtime 2’30” (Brazil)

NAVE Recife – Cícero Dias Technical School

Animation about a regular day in the classroom that shows types of teachers and students. No matter which country you are from “The Classroom” makes you identify with some characters.



Love runtime: 2′ 34″ (SA, Australia)

Morgon Moroney & Sarah Odell

A short documentary posing the question – ‘What does Love really mean?’ We interviewed the public, our family and friends to try and determine the answer.



We All Go The Same runtime: 3′ 45″ (Canada)

Morgana McKenzie

In the timeless world of fairy tales, villains and victims are visited by a vengeful fairy who offers to shift the balance of power.



Alone runtime: 5′ 38″ (SA, Australia)

Finn Mellor & Kaicey Fukuda

Ever had a feeling you are being watched, or stranger still, watching yourself?  A 13 year old boy is struggling to connect to himself. This, along with his many insecurities, somehow transports him to a universe where time is mysteriously looped.



Oh My Goddess

Oh, My Goddess runtime: 4’49” (Tiawan)

Pei-Chia, Tsai

Love, is what this film aims to convey.  With some hilarious characters to help get the message across



Lady Luck

Lady Luck runtime: 18’23” (UK)

Jo Lewis

A young boy attempts to win back his mother’s love. Based on a short story by DH Lawrence ‘The Rocking Horse Winner’.




Daughter Of An Ocean runtime: 2’58” (USA)

Kintan Chauhan

By remembering the story of a fish told by her mother, Daughter ‘Suni’ realizes that the story was not just about little fish who wanted to live freely, but was meant for her to understand that she should live her life with freedom, as her mother never did.



Session Three (Public Screening) – 5:00pm-6:30pm BOOK HERE

5 Hour Film Frenzy The New Kid & The Disappearances (Port Lincoln, Australia)

These two films were made with Kids Camera Action and kids from Port Lincoln.

The groups had 5 hours to come up with an idea, film it and edit it.




The Lost Children runtime: 2’00” (SA, Australia)

Kids Camera Action (Port Lincoln)

How does an obsession with apples help solve the mystery of two unlikely friends who go missing?



Pawn Stars runtime: 3′ 45″ (Wales)

Joseph Raynes

A short documentary about one man’s love of the game.




The Camping Trip runtime: 4’00” (SA, Australia)

AKFF Regional Workhops – Port Lincoln

A group of kids go camping, but things keep going wrong.  Is someone playing tricks on them?





Eraser Dude runtime: 2’46” (India)

American School of Bombay

Each child created a short story where some part of this world (including space) is being polluted by us Humans and how the Superhero “Eraser Dude” saves the day. Watch how Eraser Dude tackles with water, air, space and land pollution.



Kurayami No Wah runtime: 10’15” (Canada)

Morgana McKenzie

When Halloween is hijacked by a Japanese doomsday cult, a girl and her siblings are forced to flee into the harsh conditions of winter.



A Day in the life of a clownA Day in the Life of A Clown runtime: 5’46” (SA, Australia)

d’Faces Youth Arts – Whyalla

Following the adventures of Mr. Clown and his new friend, a magic talking hat.




The Mods

The Mods runtime: 3’15” (Italy)

Antonio Padovan

Michelino and Soya’s 3D puzzle…




The Best Sound in The WorldThe Best Sound in the World runtime: 13’00” (Brazil)

Pedro Paulo de Andrade

Vinicius doesn’t collect action figures nor toy cars or comic books. He collects sounds! But would it be possible to find the best sound in the world? Vinicius sure is up for the challenge!



What's the first stepWhat’s the First Step? runtime: 5’48” (USA)

Ayanna Marte

A conversation with three dancers on why they pursue their passion.




Guitar_ManGuitar Man runtime: 2’02” (USA)

Aurora Picture Show – Reynolds Elementary School

Jaulavia, a girl in the 3rd grade, discusses the things that are most important to her: drawing, music, and her family. With original score by the narrator herself.




BedtimeBedtime runtime: 5’46” (USA)

Cooper Justus

A young boy enlists his brother’s help to get to the restroom after a monster appears under the his bed, but when the monster overpowers his brother, the boy is forced to muster his courage and face his fears.



hollywoodsucksHollywood Sucks! runtime: 3’52” (Canada)

Funmi Adetola

A young filmmaker pitches a new film, but a studio wants to make it suck for profit.




The FlyLa Mosca (The Fly) runtime: 7’30” (Spain)

Marco di Gerlando

Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals starting with the M. While the rest of the kids have no problem drawing them, Carlotta is experiencing an artistic block. Finally, she gets the idea of the animal she is going to draw.



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