SUBMISSIONS FOR 2015 are now open!

*Submissions close on September 14th*

General Guidelines
At the Adelaide Kids Film Festival, we value films that tell powerful stories. Stories that entertain and enrich the viewer. Films that are bold and are brave, that show the filmmakers creativity and courage. Films that capture something special about what it means to be young. All films must be FOR children, not necessarily ABOUT children.

All films entered into the AKFF must meet the following criteria:
– They must be under 10 mins
– They must be in English, or be subtitled in English
– They must be High Definition. (1920 x 1080p)
– They can have been made at any time, but films made in the last 2 years will be given extra priority
– They must not contain scenes of graphic violence, nudity or swearing (they must be accessible to a general audience)
– You must own the rights (or be in the process of negotiating the rights) to any music used in the film

Submissions are open from June 1st.

Adult Filmmakers
Films made by adults which have a strong focus on themes surrounding childhood and adolescence, i.e made for, not necessarily about children and adolescents, are welcome in the festival. A film is categorized as ‘made by an adult’ if both the director and the producer were over 18 years old at the time of completion of the film.

Secondary School Filmmakers
Films made by filmmakers who are aged 13 to 18 (year 8 to year 12) are grouped into one category. Films are eligible for the Secondary School category if the producer, the director, and the camera operator/cinematographer (this can be the same person) are over the age of 12 but under the age of 18. Your film can be written by someone of any age, and can include cast members of any age. You can engage the help of an adult or professional for services such as music, editing, VFX, post production.

Primary School Filmmakers
Films made by filmmakers 13 and under (reception to year 7) are grouped into one category. A film is categorised as a Primary School Film if the producer, director and camera operator (this can be the same person) were under 13 when the film was completed. The cast can be any age, and you may have assistance from an adult or teenager in the form of technical and creative advice. An adult or teenager may also be involved in the editing and post production process. The important point is that the key creative decision makers and the young people driving the project from idea to completion are under 13.

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