Primary Years 4-7 Wed 28/10

Wednesday 28th October

Adelaide Studios, Glenside

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Aunt Muralan and The Magic Soap runtime: 3’00” (NSW, Australia)

Michelle Lia

Captain Longtail needs Lisa’s help to find his remaining crew who have been turned into soap figurines by Lisa’s “evil” Aunt Marulan



Bedtime runtime: 5′ 46″ (USA)

Cooper Justus

A young boy enlists his brother’s help to get to the restroom after a monster appears under the his bed, but when the monster overpowers his brother, the boy is forced to muster his courage and face his fears.



Spreading Butterflies runtime: 7′ 30″ (SA, Australia)

Kids Camera Action

There is something strange about a girl who likes butterflies.




Go Green runtime: 1’05” (India)

American School of Bombay

A stop motion animation with an environmental message. Go Green: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.



I’ve Just Had A Dream runtime: 7′ 25″ (Spain)

Javi Navarro

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.




Grow Up runtime: 4′ 20″ (NSW, Australia)

Todd McHenry

An insight into the dreams and aspirations of children.




The Pickpocket runtime: 4’30” (SA, Australia)

Year 5 Pembroke

A mischievous waiter is up to no good. Can the detective solve the case and save the dinner party?



Warm Wishes runtime: 1′ 00″ (USA)

Isabella Olaguera & Connor Duffy

Three marshmallows come to life, escape from their bags and go on an adventure across the kitchen to jump into a mug of hot chocolate.



Go Fish runtime: 12′ 48″ (VIC, Australia)

Kristin Sargent

Sam, an introverted 9 year old is forced to deal with a horrific tragedy. Stricken with guilt he struggles to deal with his obssesion with fishing and his tormenting school bullies



Wolfdactl runtime: 4’00” (SA, Australia)

Flaxmill Primary School

A mockumentary about a creature – The last of its kind.




The Little Girl runtime: 7′ 20″ (SA, Australia)

Hannah Sitters

While waiting in a dark attic for her mother to return, a young girl, Belle, seeks comfort in her own imagination.



Myanmar and Japan runtime: 1′ 16″ (QLD, Australia)

Sebastian Marsden

I challenged my self to film my travels on an iPhone5s, this was my result.




Letter To My Future Self runtime: 9’59” (Canada)

Robert Randall

A teen girl receives a letter she wrote to herself when she was 8 years old and dreaming of being a teenager. But now, confronted with her younger self, she’s forced to deal with the fact that nothing turned out the way


Billy The Kid runtime: 15′ 45″ (UK)

Sam Johnson

Fitting in to a new school can be hard, particularly when you were bullied out of the last one for living your life as a cowboy. But then 15-year-old Billy is joining a place that, though it doesn’t know it yet, is in need of a hero – a lasso wielding, John Wayne quoting, bubblegum chewing hero.


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Session Three – 1:00pm-2:20pm BOOK HERE

La Mosca (The Fly) runtime: 7’11” (Italy)

Marco Di Gerlando

Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals starting with the M. While the rest of the kids have no problem drawing them, Carlotta is experiencing an artistic block. Finally, when she gets the idea of the animal she is going to draw.


Dumb Zombie Apocalypse runtime: 1′ 30″ (SA, Australia)

Kids Camera Action

How can we stop the zombie apocalypse? A bomb?




Broken Wand runtime: 3’13” (USA)

Anne Yang & Michael Altman

“Broken Wand” is the story of a washed-up magician trying reconnect with his preteen grandson who used to love magic.



The Dreaded Locker runtime: 3’00” (SA, Australia)

Flaxmill Primary School

What’s in the school locker this time?




Open Door runtime: 2′ 56″ (USA)

Vanilla K. Parthiban

Two sisters go to the forbidden world with an iPhone.




Hiding Time runtime: 7′ 30″ (SA, Australia)

Kids Camera Action

A game of hide and seek takes us on a journey through time and technology




The Booky Monster runtime: 2’05” (SA, Australia)

Year 5 Pembroke

Are your books being attacked by The Booky Monster? Indestructible book spray can help.



All There is runtime: 7′ 30″ (Netherlands)

Jeroen Mourmans

In a world that’s completely destroyed a father struggles not to give in to his ever growing desperation in front of his young daughter, while she on the other hand is running out of ways to make him stop worrying and show him there still is hope.


A Most Annoying Ghost runtime: 3′ 30″ (UK)

Damn Sung

It’s not the sort of thing I boast, but in my house there lives a ghost. This is silly, Daddy said, all this stuff is in your head. The ghost is real, not in my head, I think it lives beneath my bed.



Zoe runtime: 4’00” (VIC, Australia)

Lou Quill

The story of a little girl who thinks big.




Mistaken Identity runtime: 3′ 00″ (SA, Australia)

Flaxmill Primary School

A robbery takes place and the wrong person is accused




Little Big George  runtime: 19′ 38″ (India)

Priyanka Tanwar

A little boy named George actually Georgy Porgy who loves to eat, but most importantly loves to cook! His small little brain is a treasure island of recipes waiting to be explored, discovered, cooked and tasted.



Brightness runtime: 3’26” (SA, Australia)

Adam Hicks

Brightness, follows a young boy who struggles to succeed on an afternoon bike ride.




Cigi runtime: 1′ 30″ (India)

Year 7 Ecole Mondiale World School

‘Cigi’, is a short Cut-Out Animation film based on Anti-Smoking/Tobacco Consumption among youth and children




Bounce runtime: 10′ 19″ (UK)

Rory Lowe & DC Barclay

A heart-warming tale of a 5-year-old girl’s Trials and Tribulations trying to attain her Hearts desire; the Bounciest Ball in the World Ever! Of course the reality is never quite the same as your imagination.


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